Message from Signal Hill Administration

April 24, 2020

Dear Families,

As we finish our fourth week of learning since the suspension of in-class learning, we want to once again share our gratitude to our families and staff as we continue to navigate the new normal frontier of distance learning. We continue to value flexibility, perseverance and patience as we forge forward in our partnership of learning. We have been listening to questions and concerns raised by both staff and families over the last week. Below, you can find clarification on topics brought to our attention.

Expectations on Volume of Learning Activities: We are sensitive to the fact that every student, as well as every family has diverse needs. We are mindful of the diversity of these needs and are committed to ensuring you are not overwhelmed at this time. While it’s important for children to keep learning, there is no expectation that the pace and rigour of a normal school day be duplicated at home (MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Continuity of Learning, Link to Document, April 17, 2020, pg. 3). Through our partnership in learning, we are committed to promoting personalized learning to accommodate the diverse needs of our families. 

Grading/Report Cards: Teachers completed a grading period prior to spring break. As distance learning continues, teachers will provide assessment of, as and for learning which will be used, along with evidence and evaluation collected prior to spring break, in order to report out to families again in June (MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Continuity of Learning, Link to Document, April 17, 2020, pgs. 9-10)

Mental Health Resources:

Raising responsible digital citizens – A Safer Schools Together webinar where the parent presentation will focus on increasing your understanding and awareness of safety in the remote learning world. Being social is such an important part of your child’s growth and that has become much more difficult with ‘shelter in place’ orders in effect.

Parenting during COVID-19 – A recorded parent meeting with Whistler local clinical counsellor Greg MacDonnell to provide education and discussion for parents during COVID-19.

Wellness together Canada – Funded by Health Canada and supported by Patty Hajdu, the federal Minister of Health, Wellness Together Canada provides an online portal that allows Canadians to access self-assessments, self-directed e-mental health tools, peer support and live counselling by telephone, video and text.

Learning Activities to Put a Smile on your Face from the SHE Community

Diorama presented by Olivia Nash

Olivia loves learning about wild animals, and chose to learn about cougars. Olivia demonstrated her learning through a diorama.

Diorama presented by Matilda Salmon

Matilda enjoys learning about all the exciting things that live under the sea. Matilda demonstrated her learning through a diorama.

Tanina Williams

We are fortunate at Signal Hill to celebrate the languages of Ucwalmicwts, English, French and now some sign language.  Language is culture.  A wide-ranging cultural lens leads to a worldview perspective.  Join us in the video below as Tanina counts to 10 in Ucwalmicwts and American Sign Language.

Kúkwstum̓ckacw |Thank you | Merci

Roberta Kubik, Alysa Patching and Mario Tenisci

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