2015 Christmas Concert Dates!


Concerts will be held at 1:30 and 6:00pm.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to alleviate crowding in the gymnasium we have added a 1:30pm performance on each day.  We ask that guests come to one performance only. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, December 15th                                            Thursday, December 17th

Cameron Gr 1 and 2                                                                     Hamonic Gr 6 and 7 FI

Mitchell Gr 3 and 4                                                                       Ireland Gr 1 and 2

Farrell Gr 2 and 3                                                                          Hollander Gr K

Leverton Gr K                                                                                Siblock Gr 3 and 4

Lemieux Gr 6 and 7 FI                                                                 J. Penny Gr 5 and 6

Niet Gr 4/5/6                                                                                 Benes CSF 4-7

Dakin Gr 6 and 7                                                                          Claude CSF 1-3

Treadway/McLean Gr 5 FI                                                          Emy CSF K/1

Montie Gr 2 and 3                                                                        Rempel Gr K/1

Penney/Marining Gr 2 and 3                                                      Reynolds/Saintsbury Gr 1 & 6/7




The Despicable Musical – all students who auditioned will have a part in the play!  Those who got a principal role are listed below.  All other students will find out their part on Monday.  Rehearsals will be held every day after school from Nov. 23-27.  Auditions are held from 3-5pm for general roles and 3-7pm for principal roles.   The final performance is on Friday, November 27th at 7pm.

(Principal Roles : Scarlet Overkill – Reimi, Marlena Gru – Sara W, Miss Hattie – Tigerlily , Dr. Nefario – Kieran N, Felonious Gru – Evan M, Lucy Wilde – Sapphire L, Margo – Mikaila M, Edith – Marlie L, Agnes – Casey, Henchy 1 – Sami, Henchy 2 – Cameron)



Visit: www.usborneonline.ca/followthereader 

Find the books you would like to order on the website and create   “wish list” that you send to the Usborne consultant who will place a school order.  Our school will receive 30% of total sales in free books for our library.

Orders must be received by Friday November 27th.  Delivery will be to the classrooms.  If your books are Christmas presents please let the consultant know and alternate delivery can be made.

Happy Shopping!



November 17, 2015

Auditions for the student musical “The Despicable Musical” (LB Productions) will take place on Wednesday, November 18th from 3-4:15pm.  If your child would like to participate, please make sure that you are able to pick him/her up right at 4:15.  Once the cast has been chosen, rehearsals will be held every day after school from Nov. 23-27.  The final performance is on Friday, November 27th at 7pm.




Below is a great summary article on self regulation!


Cell Phones and Personal Devices

We would like to remind families about our policies surrounding the use of cell phones and other personal electronic devices.  Students who bring these items to school are required to put them in their backpacks during the school day.  They may only be removed in classrooms if the teacher has given permission.  They are never allowed on the playground at recess or lunch.  These rules are in place for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is to protect student privacy and safety.  There have been incidents in the past of students being videotaped and photographed in classrooms, on the playground, and even in the washrooms.  Students are welcome to use their devices once school is dismissed at 3pm.  If you need to contact your child on a personal device, please be aware that he/she will not be able to reply until after school.  If there is an emergency, please contact the office.

If we do see students using their personal electronic devices during the day, we will confiscate the device and it will have to be retrieved by a parent or guardian from the office.  Thank you in advance for your help in keeping all our students safe.