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Signal Hill teachers have been collaborating with the Pemberton Stewardship Society and have received a grant from the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund to provide field trips supporting curriculum learning outcomes for K-Grade 5 classes (13 classes total) to the Pemberton Nature Center.  The Pemberton Stewardship Society have also provided seeds and soil to interested K-Grade 5 classes who are starting flowers and vegetables for the Food Bank garden plot at the Pemberton Creek Community Centre.


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Mrs. Niet’s class performed several fairy tales and legends. Everyone performed their parts wonderfully. Congratulations students.
Ms. Niets Class Play7Ms. Niets Class Play6Ms. Niets Class Play4Ms. Niets Class PlayMs. Niets Class Play5

Playground leadership students working with Action Schools BC to provide outdoor activities for primary students.
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***** Hello Parents and Guardians *****

A few reminders:
1) Please remember to send your children with appropriate outdoor clothing and a change of clothing in case they get wet!

2) Parking, Drop Off and Pick up Information Parents please be advised that the lot located between the school and the Bike Co / Pony, is located on private property owned by CN Rail. This area is not maintained by School District 48 or the Village of Pemberton. This lot will not be plowed unless the fuel truck requires access to the school propane tank. When dropping off students in this lot, we ask that parents please respect the no parking signs in front of the pathway. It is very dangerous for students that are walking to school when vehicles are backing out of there after dropping children off.

The small parking lot in front of the kindergarten classes is staff parking only. Please do not park or drive into that lot to drop off or pick up your child. Children walk across the entrance to that parking lot to get to the crosswalk and it is dangerous if vehicles are leaving or entering that lot. For safety reasons, the traffic needs to flow from the other side only (large parking lot).

We also ask that you do not block the crosswalk that is directly in front of the school entrance. Please do not park on the sides of the bus lanes as they need a wide area for turning, especially during winter months when snow is piled up on the sides. Thank you for your support and understanding.

3) Please make after school arrangements with your child before school. With a school of over 450 students it gets very busy in our office and taking and giving messages to numerous students has become time-consuming. Parents should call with changes in plans only in an emergency or unforeseeable circumstances. If your child is taking a different bus than usual, he/she must have a written note from you to get on the other bus. We ask that you make arrangements for play dates before school. Students are not permitted to use the late bus unless they are in a designated after school program and have had a permission slip signed by their parents. Thanks again for your support. Thank you for your understanding.

4) DOGS are NOT permitted on school grounds for the safety of all students, staff and visitors. This is a School District #48 policy.

5) IF YOUR CHILD IS SICK OR ABSENT If your children are showing any symptoms of being sick, please keep them at home. Remind your children to wash their hands, cough into their sleeves and stay away from others that are sick! Please remember to call the school to notify us if your child is going to be absent or late. We have a call back program and it will be very helpful if you call in ahead of time. Please leave a message if there is no answer. Thank you!

Halloween at Signal Hill where the ghouls and goblins came out to play. Ms. Reynolds leading in song and safety.
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Thankful for Terry Fox Run, Friday October 17th.
Began with Mrs. MacKenzie joining us for our warm up in the gym!
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Every Child Matters is part of the Orange Shirt project campaigning to have September 30th. National Orange Shirt Day commemorating Indian Residential School Survivors.

Wednesday, October 1st. Richard Wagamese Visit

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Richard Wagamese is one of Canada’s foremost First Nation authors and storytellers from the Ojibway Wabasseemoong First Nation. As a professional author of thirty-five years, Richard has experienced success in all genres and styles of writing including newspaper columns, memoirs, poetry, novels, fiction and non-fiction.