Peanuts the MUSICAL!

Peanuts the Musical!

Signal Hill Musical is finally here, but with a twist! Sponsored by the PAC

It is going to be a blast since it will be inspired by your grade 7 students!

Rehearsals will be at lunchtime! The show is 7 pm, March 14th, 2019

For questions contact Anita Burleson at 604-902-1725



Principal Actors- Lunchtime, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s:

February 19th., 21st., 26th., 28th.

March 5th and 7th
Supporting Actors- Lunchtime, Monday’s and Wednesday’s:

February 18th., 20th., 25th., 27th.

March 4th. and 6th.
All Cast- Lunchtime:

March 11th. and 12th.

After school March 13th., 3-5 pm

After school March 14th., 3-7 pm

Showtime March 14th, 7 pm in the gym! Stay tuned for more information.

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